Paging Dr. Clueless

No agent nibbles after many months; starting to think about self-publishing this one….

When a  fiercely independent young pediatrician joins their new regional medical center, Mike Baker can’t help liking her a little too much. He and his surgical partner become two of her closest friends, along with their wives. But Mike’s wife is deeply unhappy and often absent. When she dies, his guilty feelings lead to self-destructive alcohol abuse. His friends try to protect his career and his children while he finds his way.

Just as romance is back on the table, Susan is injured in a similar accident. Mike tries to use what he has learned to guide her. The problem is, Susan doesn’t want his guidance — only his love and support.

Susan is used to being the one who is needed. Can she let this relationship be on an equal footing of both give and take? Or is she in the right, and Mike is simply not respecting her autonomy with his over-protective streak?

A Question of Souls

Very much not my usual style (which is often medical), but this one just sort of told itself. It has a lot of religious imagery, but is still a romance. Maybe even a bit steamier than my usual. Again, no nibbles.

Aidan lost his soul a hundred years ago, but before that he learned to care. He also learned to fight. Can someone dedicate his life to fighting for good without being good himself? Even if that someone is a Vampire?

Lyric is someone — or something — with the power to find out. When she loses that power, they both feel lost. Only together can they find their way back. But Aidan knows he is undeserving, and Lyric knows her presence can only hurt him in the long run.

They must find a path together to save both lives and souls.

Pen Pals

Getting ready to send this one, so please wish me luck?

Practical med student Margaret may have met her soulmate, but he lives halfway around the world. Danny’s architecture studies keep him both anchored to home and miserable. They try to content themselves with just being friends, writing regularly and visiting occasionally as they try to figure out life. When Margaret’s local boyfriend turns violent, everything changes. She would do almost anything to figure out a life with Danny, but does it have to include giving up her career?