Catherine “Cat” Terry is my pen name. The M.D. after it is real. And yes, I really do love cats.

Why a pen name? First and most importantly, I used to be a pediatrician. (Retired.) Now I write (among other things) romance novels.

My former patients may not want to happen across sex scenes (however mild!) written by their doctor. While I have not used any situations or characters borrowed from real life, I HAVE used heavily-edited anecdotes from my life in medicine for settings. I would never want anyone to feel bad about those, either, even if they’re very likely to be wrong about whether a snippet involved them.

I’m also a mom.

As far as the pen name is concerned, that’s probably “enough said” for the other parents out there, but my family would like their privacy protected on so, so many levels.

What else about me?

I’m from the Midwest originally, but have lived a few places and traveled a few more. Travel is one of my favorite things, and shows up fairly often in what I usually call “my stories.”

Some of my other favorite things are updated a bit more frequently on social media. I’m on Facebook (catherine terry books), Instagram (same), and will get on Goodreads when I manage to publish something! Working on Pinterest actively; that is also Catherine Terry Books. (Capitalization shouldn’t matter for these.)

My favorite romance novelist is Jane Austen, but I can’t write like her. Wouldn’t even try. I’m trying my hand at several genres though, from friends-to-lovers to paranormal. I hope you like them!